IntelliCentrics extends its SEC³URE Ethos platform, the largest health-tech community built on trust, partnering with RepScrubs® and offering its facilities additional value with hospital traffic data and vendor PPE attire. 

Flower Mound, Tex. and Orlando, Fla. (December 3, 2021) – IntelliCentrics (6819.HK), the innovator of the SEC³URE Ethos, SEC³URE Passport, Link & GO!, BioBytes™ and BioBytes™ Visitor, and RepScrubs®, a national company providing extended perioperative vendor management services and time-sensitive vendor attire within restricted areas of the hospital, announced a partnership that uses ‘trust as a technology’ to deliver a safer healthcare environment while lowering costs for facilities through vendor compliance.

IntelliCentrics’ SEC³URE Ethos is a fully integrated, end-to-end platform that replaces the slow, error-prone, manual credentialing process with a digital credential solution known as the SEC³URE Passport. It augments overburdened administrative staff by seamlessly giving healthcare facilities total control of their unique policies, ensuring everyone is credentialed and verified, so they can always trust who enters the facility. Healthcare facilities rely on the SEC³URE Passport to lower the cost of delivery, accelerate revenue, and improve patient outcomes, while also reducing their credentialing costs by 90%.

By integrating software services with IntelliCentrics, RepScrubs provides an additional layer of perioperative support to hospitals with vendor tracking and compliance data within restricted areas of the hospital. This is coupled with an automated ScrubPort dispensary containing safe attire, all provided at no cost to the hospital.

RepScrubs’ unique perioperative platform enables healthcare facilities to enhance compliance with both hospital and regulatory policies by providing transparency into vendor traffic in both real-time and historical reporting for internal and external audits. Additionally, the platform automates adherence to hospital vendor attire policy by providing single-use PPE and a proprietary time-sensitive vendor badge through an onsite ScrubPort dispensary. The ScrubPort system provides vendor-specific PPE that distinguishes vendorsmedical staff while reporting a vendor’s compliance status to their SEC³URE Passport. Vendors properly credentialed in the SEC³URE Ethos are allowed access to their PPEthe ScrubPort before entering the perioperative area. The cost of the vendor’s attire is transitionedthe hospital to the vendor allowing the vendor an opportunity to share in the cost of their onsite business opportunity.

Here is a graphic that illustrates how the integrated services ensure a compliant pathway to the perioperative area of a healthcare facility.

“The integration of the two systems created the much-needed visibility for vendor management. We can now follow up with those vendors that may be gaining access to critical care areas and did not comply with our vendor entry requirements,” said Rosa Costanzo, SVP, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Management / Chief Procurement Officer of Jackson Health System.

“There is extreme value to our facilities to have everything and everyone together on our platform, so we are open and inclusive to partnerships that enhance the trust we provide.  RepScrubs aligns with our core principles and our mission, and we are excited to have them as partners of the SEC³URE Ethos,” said Mike Sheehan, CEO of IntelliCentrics.

“Partnering with IntelliCentrics is the first step needed to ensure that vendors are verified and compliant to enter a facility before we provide clean, vendor-specific surgical attire to access perioperative areas,” said Jeff Feuer, chairman and CEO of RepScrubs. “The SEC³URE Ethos allows us to provide additional value to its facilities which already invest in safer, high-quality healthcare.”

About IntelliCentrics
With a mission to use trust to make high-quality healthcare as accessible as a good cup of coffee, IntelliCentrics created the SEC³URE Ethos. Built on three core principles – transparency, neutrality, and independence, the SEC³URE Ethos is relied on by more than 11,000 locations of care worldwide to ensure mutual trust between patients, doctors, vendor representatives and healthcare companies. To learn more about the largest healthcare community built on trust, visit IntelliCentrics is publicly traded on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under the stock code 6819.

About RepScrubs
RepScrubs provides healthcare facilities a turn-key perioperative vendor management and compliance assurance platform which offers enhanced patient safety, security, expense reduction, and vendor access management. RepScrubs is helping U.S. hospitals combat the common challenges associated with healthcare-associated infections which account for $35 to $45 billion in additional U.S. healthcare costs annually. The company provides hospitals with a vendor PPE dispensing unit containing time-sensitive disposable scrub sets along with a unique time-sensitive vendor badge for each vendor. The program is provided at no cost to the hospital. RepScrubs not only ensures a safer environment for patients, real-time alerts and data analytics provided by the system assist hospital administrators with documenting and managing daily OR traffic for regulatory purposes. For more information, visit



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