Product Delivery

IntelliCentrics drives the growth of our community base primarily by expanding our relative and overall market footprint in terms of new Loc subscribers. With guidanceour small, remote team of customer service staff, a new Loc subscribers can set up SEC³URE within hours—all without the need for on-site assistance. Follow-on technical assistance is also provided remotely.

Our over 10-year footprint has earned IntelliCentrics a trusted reputation for delivering reliable services to our Rep subscribers, which is an invaluable asset in the highly regulated healthcare industry—an asset which also creates significant barriers to entry for new competitors.

Offering optimal user experience is a core value, permeating all of IntelliCentrics culture:

  • For LoCs: Our service teams prepare step-by-step manuals and instruction videos to familiarize Loc subscribers with the SEC³URE platform, respond to feedback on a real-time basis, and provide community data which may be taken into consideration when formulating credentialing requirements.
  • For subscribers: We continually refine the platform’s user interface and features, such as providing automatic notifications regarding compliance status, and for paying subscribers, our turnaround time for processing a single document is guaranteed to one day.