Sales Model

Our platform retains a large and loyal user community that pays recurring annual and ad-hoc fees under a subscription-based model. Pre-paid add-on services contribute to an increasing portion of cash flow, which is growing. Churn rate is low, resulting in cumulative cash flows as the community grows.

By creating immediate and quantifiable value propositions for each stakeholder group in the SEC³URE network, IntelliCentrics retains pricing power:

  • LoCs employing SEC³URE do not pay for services, and are thus able to eliminate costs associated with physically maintaining files related to credentialing.
  • Subscribers receive a single verified profile granting access to every Loc subscribers facility, and are thus able to reduce repetitive and redundant credentialing paperwork and processes.

Capitalizing on our one-platform-for-all model, we continue to diversify revenue sources while improving the value of our solutions and services.