Corporate Overview

It’s a simple concept, really: What if there was no such thing as a zero-sum game?

What if, simply by participating in a given community, everyone could benefit?

From this revolutionary idea, IntelliCentrics has grown into the trusted compliance partner to more than 10,000 registered locations, worldwide. That’s how many facilities rely on our flagship credentialing solution, SEC³URE Passport.

What We Believe

  • We believe in NEUTRALITY
    As a trusted 3rd party, we help everyone prosper and grow.
  • We believe in GOVERNANCE
    We advocate equally for each of our constituents.
  • We believe in VALUE
    When everyone benefits, we fund the project ourselves.
  • We believe in COMMUNITY
    The benefit to each member is greater than their contribution.

About The Name

Derived“intelligent concentric circles,” the name IntelliCentrics represents the unique value our secure community delivers to every participant. The end result is a more efficient, compliant, and profitable organization—no matter the industry.